Bursa İlinde Nilüfer-Ayvalı Deresiyle Sulanan ve Sulanmayan Tarım Topraklarının Bazı Kimyasal Özellikleri

Fatma Olcay KOCAER, Hüseyin Savaş BAŞKAYA

Ekoloji, 2004, Issue 51, Pages: 33-38



In this research, some chemical properties of soils nonirrigated and irrigated with Nilufer-Ayvali stream were compared and probable differences which might occur due to irrigation were studied. The results showed that irrigation with Ayvali stream especially increased the EC250C value and free+exchangeable cations of the soil. Organic matter and nutrient content of irrigated soil also increased in upper layers. The extinction ratios of examined soils showed that organic matter in irrigated and nonirrigated soils were probably different in structure. Hydrolisable total nitrogen concentrations in irrigated soils indicated that the nitrogen forms in irrigation water were resistant to microbial degradation.


Cations, irrigation water, nutrients, organic matter, soil