Bartın Kentinin Çayır Vejetasyonu Üzerinde Gözlemler


Ekoloji, 2004, Issue 51, Pages: 26-32



To reveal the variation and composition of the flora in the urban settlements of Bartin, a research study, based on flora and vegetation, was conducted. Dry and semi-dry meadows that spread out on the slopes of the city were chosen as the study area. These meadows which constitute a considerable portion of the herbaceous taxa of the urban flora, differ in structure from the plain meadows. For the determination of this structure, plant samples were collected from three plots which were chosen considering the habitat factors and the vegetation cover diversity. 93 herbaceous plant taxa belonging to 26 familias were determined as a result of the analysis. Among these taxa, both Euro-Siberian and Mediterranean elements lead with 22 taxa. Five taxa are endemic for the region.


Bartin, meadow, urban flora