Aydın'da Kent Parklarının Bazı Ekolojik Kalite Kriterleri Yönünden İrdelenmesi

Hayriye EŞBAH

Ekoloji, 2006, Issue 58, Pages: 42-48


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This study aims to investigate the urban parks in Aydýn by utilizing some ecological quality criterion. The research specifically deals with the soil and native vegetation attributes of the ecological quality. In this work, AutoCad folders along with the list of services and the amount of green areas in parks obtained from the Aydýn Municipality are used for determining the amount of pervious soil surfaces, and site visits are conducted for generating the existing plant cover data. The results show that, in the investigated 47 parks, the average percentage of pervious surfaces is 37.98%, and only 11.64% of the vegetation is indigenous to Aydýn. As conclusion, the parks are inadequate in terms of the pervious soil surfaces and the amount of native vegetation hence decline of habitat values of these important spaces contributing to urban environment number of ways.


Aydýn, vegetation cover, ecological quality, permeability, urban parks


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