Architectural Design Method in Rainfall Area Based on Environmental Adaptability

Jun Tu, Jian Shen

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 1023-1028


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In rainy areas, especially in tropical storm and typhoon-prone areas, the environmental adaptability design of civil buildings is particularly important. This paper mainly discusses the design of windows in civil buildings in rainy areas. Because of the common hidden dangers of rainwater leakage, improper sealing, glass bursting and fan falling, the exterior windows of civil buildings have aroused widespread concern of the society, and even caused serious consequences that endanger people's lives and safety. Based on the analysis of the problems existing in the application of the external windows in civil buildings, this paper puts forward the control measures of the key points of the design, selection, processing, fabrication, installation, construction, supervision and management of the external windows in order to improve the application level of the external windows in civil buildings.


environmental adaptability, rainfall area, architectural design


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