Analysis on the Transformation of Chinese State-owned Forest Industry Enterprises from the Ecological Perspective

Qingquan Liu, Guochun Wu, Xin Li, Yukun Cao

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 107, Pages: 1087-1093, Article No: e107128


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At present, China’s state-owned logging enterprises is in the critical period of transformation, the transformation of state-owned logging enterprises is subversive, how to protect the ecological system under the premise of making reasonable transformation strategy is vital for the development of state-owned forest industries, so this article from the ecological perspective analysis of the theoretical basis of China’s state-owned logging enterprises transformation, on this basis, the paper introduced the development of state-owned forest industries transformation, to reveal the real reasons of state-owned logging enterprises transformation, summarizes the development goal of the current state-owned logging enterprises transformation, for China’s state-owned logging enterprises transformation provides realistic significance.


ecological perspective, enterprise transformation, the state-owned forest regions


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