An Intelligent Solution for a Sustainable Environment: Iso-Array Rewriting P Systems and Triangular Array Token Petri Net

K. Bhuvaneswari, T. Kalyani, D. Lalitha

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 107, Pages: 767-777, Article No: e107032


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Computational Sustainability is a nascent and growing field of computing that is concerned with the application of computer science principles, methods, and tools to problems of environmental and societal sustainability. This is not a one-way street, however, because sustainability problems force computer scientists into new theory, as well as new practice. In study of theory of computation, any computational model is always tested for its efficiency. A new computing model called P system is the one such efficient model which was introduced by Gh.Păunto generate string languages. The framework of the P system is like living cells in a biological system. Array rewriting P system is a model among variants of P system in which arrays are rewritten by the rules of array grammars. Conditional communication is a technique used for communication. Petri net is a model is used for dynamic systems. Array token Petri nets are the models which can generate array languages. In this paper parallel iso-array rewriting P systems are introduced with examples. The generating power of these P systems is examined with the generating power of some existing P system models. Also the computational power of these P systems is compared with the computational power of an existing petri net called triangular array token petri net.


sustainable environment, sustainability, iso-triangular tiles, iso-array grammars, membrane computing, rewriting P system, permitting and forbidding conditions, Petri Nets


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