Aesthetic Layout of Garden Landscape from the Perspective of Ecosystem

Shuyi Wang, Shuang Wang

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 837-841


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Landscape mainly includes soft natural things such as trees, water, drizzle, sunshine, and hard man-made things such as paving, railings and walls. Ecosystem landscape covers ecological factors, garden plants, ecological environment and so on. Landscape ecology considers the lithosphere, biosphere and sphere of wisdom in human living space as an organic part of the whole human ecosystem. In order to improve the quality of landscape planning, the aesthetic landscape layout is analyzed from the perspective of ecosystem. The concept and connotation of aesthetic landscape services are mainly analyzed. The landscape layout is analyzed from the five aesthetic angles, including flowers, trees, water, buildings, paths and mountains, in order to enhance the overall aesthetic sense of landscape and make it more in line with the aesthetic sense of modern people.


landscape architecture, aesthetic service, layout


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