A Psychological Resource of Personality as an Integral Eco-Psychological Characteristic (The Interrelationship of Personal Development and Quality of Human Life)

Nigina S. Babieva, Aleksandr V. Grinenko, Tatiana I. Shulga, Muliat M. Tkhugo, Larisa E. Zotova, Liudmila V. Shukshina, Aleksandr D. Ishkov

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 107, Pages: 629-635, Article No: e107067


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This article presents the results of the study of personality resources as an integral characteristic. The definition of the concept of harmonious development and quality of life of an individual has been given. Three components have been identified in the systemic determination structure of personality: individual properties as prerequisites for harmony of personality; lifestyle and quality of life as an indicator of harmony of an individual and joint activities as the foundation to realize the individual’s life in the system of social relations. A personality resource is expressed in four areas: spirituality; contacts (relations); achievements; the future (dreams, ideals). The psychological resource of personality is determined by: the formation of the intellectual, emotional and behavioral spheres of a person’s life activity; the balance (proportionality) of the development of intellectual, emotional and behavioral spheres of a person’s life activity; integration (close interrelation and internal consistency) of the intellectual, emotional and behavioral spheres of a person’s life activity. In addition, the sphere of personal activity is determined by the manifestation of complexes of psychological personality traits occurring in intra- and interpersonal aspects. The identification of intellectual, emotional and behavioral aspects allowed us to describe the characteristic manifestations of personality in these spheres of life. The foundation of the external, intrapersonal aspect in each of the areas is the presence of diverse experience, enshrined in the relevant skills. The foundation of the interpersonal aspect in each of the spheres is the availability of experience in the realization of internal psychological resources by a person when interacting with the outside world.


ecological and eco-psychological approach, a psychological resource of personality, quality of life, an integral characteristic of personal development, personal potential


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